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Geneva Greenhouse


The Geneva Greenhouse

The Geneva horticulture greenhouse and green house kit are designed to provide a comfortable environment to pursue natures most enjoyable hobby.

Many of our clients enjoy orchid growing in which the Geneva greenhouse and green house kit will provide the perfect environment for just about all plants in any part of the world. Our greenhouses and green house kits can be modified for your climate in a number of different ways.

We offer a wide variety of glass options, heating, cooling devices, ridge vent options and many more. You control the environment. Geneva greenhouses are available in a wide variety of sizes, in curved eave or straight eave configurations.

All Geneva greenhouses and green house kits are constructed of maintenance free aluminum framing members. The unique I-beam profile is designed for maximum strength to meet all building code specifications.


WIDTHS:LEAN-TO: 8' 2-5/8", 10' 9-1/2", 13' 4-3/8", 15' 11-1/4"

              FREE-STANDING: 11' 3-1/2", 16' 5-1/2", 21' 7", 26' 8-3/4", 31' 10-1/2"

LENGTHS:10' 6", 13' 7/8", 15' 7-3/4", 18' 2-5/8", 20' 9-1/2", 23'4-3/8", 25' 11-1/4",

                38' 6-1/8", 31' 1" (Additional lengths in 2' 6-7/8" sections)

Advantages of a Geneva Greenhouse:
•High-Performance Glazing - eliminates the need for a shading system, which must be replaced periodically (and is also not aesthetically pleasing).

•Ridge-vent system is fully gasketed - No metal-to-metal contact for maximum efficiency and plant comfort.

•Each pane of glass is fully gasketed around the perimeter - No rope putty or lapped glass is used.

•I-beam heavy gauge aluminum frame with stainless-steel hardware.

•Framing members accept a "T" bolt & nut to hang accessories & plants from the rigid frame.

•Fully modular and expanda


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